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Fight fish, not tackle

​We are a family run company based in Minnesota. With 10,000 lakes there is so much to learn and explore. We want to share our love for fishing and help people keep their line in the water longer instead of having to spend so much time retying. You can check out my What's Working Now facebook page to get some of our tips and tricks. 

Macula tackle, patented by Corey Bechtold to help fishermen thread their line and tie a knot quickly and easily through the eyelet. What started as a simple solution grew to become a successful family business and a platform to inspire others in the fishing industry to fight the fish NOT the tackle.

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Whats working now?

Check out our Whats Working Now YouTube channel for tips and techniques on whats working now.

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Macula Tackle is a Minnesota Based company. The jigs are molded and hand painted in the USA. (2).png
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