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  • When would you want to use horizonal presentation vs vertical presentation?
    Horizontal presentation is the most common (sliding the knot towards the hook). Crappies, Bluegills, Perch and almost anything that swims ambush their prey when they are sitting at rest about to flee. This is a great presentation when vertical jigging through the ice or open water. It is also the preferred presentation for using under a float. Fish simply cannot resist! However a vertical presentation can be used for ice fishing when Bluegills/Crappies are in a negative mood. Pay attention to how the fish are acting. If you aren't getting bit on horizontal simply reel up and position the knot so the bait hangs up and down. If you are using a longer artificial tail try and pierce the bait out so the lure has a "L" look to entice the finicky fish.
  • How do I get my photo on the Macula page?
    We would love to see your success with our jigs. Please send a photo of you with our jig and fish to and we will upload it onto our site as well as your testimonial. We appreciate your support and encourage you to spread the word.
  • What if the knot slides?
    Having the knot slide is a good thing. When you set the hook on a fish the knot will slide to the front allowing you to keep pressure on the fish as you reel it in. It is very easy to simply hold the jig on the sides and rotate the knot back to where you want it to be positioned. This doesn't mean that it will slide and you have to reset every time. The Palomar knot is a great knot to use as it is 100%. If you use this knot it holds more true as you fish it than say an Improved Clinch knot where there is only 1 point of contact with the line to the eyelet. The larger opening of our eye also allows for very easy tying of this knot. You can even fold the line over and insert it through the eye to begin to tie your knot!
  • Where to get fishing tips?
    Check out our Whats Working Now facebook page for local fishing tips and fishing reports. We do our best to provide unbiased information and be transparent with sharing what is working now to help others be more succesful in their trips. Feel free to message us with any questions. We are always willing to help.
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