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red macula tackle dream jig in a crappies mouth

Easy Tie Eye

Quickly thread your line and get your line back in the water

Jig Design

The head of this jig is designed with flat sides for better grip for baiting and unhooking fish.  The triangular shape also cuts through the weeds with ease.


Slide the knot toward the barb for a horizontal presentation


Slide the knot away from the barb to give the bait a vertical presentation

Size breakdown

Size 10 (1/48oz)

Perfect jig for open water and ice fishing. The compact shape and size allow for live bait or artifical. Smaller size doesn't mean smaller fish!

size 8 white macula tackle dream jig on a quarter for a size reference

Size 8 (1/32oz)

This jig is a versatile weight when it comes to fishing. Fishes well with open and ice fishing. Can fish with a bobber. 

Size 6 (1/16oz)

Perfect for larger panfish and gamefish. 1/16oz weight is a good weight for longer casts, slow trolling, and vertical jogging. Adapt quickly to what the fish want with this versatile jig.


New Shape!


jig now available

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